Pre-Jerusalem Film Fest: Machne Yahuda Market

While we excitedly wait for the 29th Jerusalem Film Festival to start tomorrow and get ready for JIFF’s opening night gala showing of Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love, we can’t help but explore such a fascinating place.

At the Machne Yehudah market in Jerusalem, this could be your favorite rugelach:

It would melt in your mouth and you could polish off a whole tray but save room for all the produce:
I grew up being told that it was rude to point (you could lose an eye that way), but when I point to what I want to eat, it never fails: cheese, please!

The market is an enthusiastic display of eating what’s in season. The produce will be beautiful, the fish fresh, the spices vibrant, and the soul nourished. Eating seasonally is a bit like dogme 95 filmmaking: The food must be made on location or at as close to the source as possible; “geographical alienation is forbidden.”  The food must not contain superficial ingredients. Handmade is best. And as a director goes without a credit in dogme, the farmer gets no credit for growing, the monger gets no credit for mongering and you get no credit for cooking. You do it for the pleasure of the process and the end result.

Is that a bit of a stretch? I can’t help it if I eat film and watch food every chance I get. 

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