Hazem is an unemployed artist who must find a job in order to avoid deportation. If he returns to Egypt, he faces conscription into its army. As Dubai buckles under the economic crisis, he struggles to find both his artistic voice and a job that will allow him to remain free. If he fails, he will be forced to cradle a gun instead of his beloved camera.

Shaqayeq is an Iranian artist and gallery owner who established her roots in Dubai before the boom. She hopes the creative seeds she planted long ago will bloom into a vibrant art scene. But as the number of local galleries grows and the stream of tourists increase, her new work is moving in a more experimental and controversial direction.

UBKIK/Vivek’s love of street culture and graffiti style infuses his artwork. He prepares for his first solo show, where he hopes to put Dubai’s underground arts scene and youth culture in the curatorial spotlight. His style of hallucinatory hedonism and urban decay presents a more liberating vision for Dubai…that is if he doesn’t get censored.