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Director Katy Chang and producer J.R. Osborn have appeared in numerous publications, and Katy and J.R. are frequent on camera guests as artful living authorities. If you are interested in booking or interviewing Katy or J.R., please contact us.

“An intriguing examination of how the art world can develop amidst the driving factors of business, money and property in Dubai is nicely presented in Katy Chang’s documentary Glitter Dust: Finding Art In Dubai, which cleverly incorporates hard-drawn animations into the more traditional talking-heads footage.” – Mark Adams, chief film critic “Glitter Dust: Finding Art in Dubai, directed by Katy Chang, tries to discover the real artists behind the dazzle of the city’s art scene. The documentary follows three artists who seek truth from artificiality…” – Dubai Chronicle
“The city itself is hugely inspiring and attracts so many people from all over the world with stories. Filming Glitter Dust was a great way to understanding and celebrating differences.” – Gulf News “Glitter Dust gives a rich opportunity to discover Dubai from a different angle.” – Al Bayan
“The cinéma vérité style of her latest offering inspires us to find art in our everyday lives.” – POSE Magazine “This is for all those art lovers out there, as well as for everyone else.” – GFF Daily
“Through the cinéma vérité style of the film — letting the story unfold organically — Chang hopes to portray the rich culture of Dubai and its two layers: the excessive and the realistic, focusing on the human labor behind the latter.” – The Guardian
Katy is featured in a video portrait.